von Muenster Solicitors & Attorneys is a specialist legal practice with intimate knowledge of the advertising, marketing, media, communications, public relations, IT and entertainment industries. We can help tackle any concern, question or issue faced by you and your clients.

We have particular experience in advising on evolving communication mediums, including digital, mobile, social media and public relations.

Since 1998 we have acted for, and developed relationships with, Australian and international advertisers, advertising and promotional agencies, media agencies and media providers, related industry bodies and service providers. We are members of, and provide legal services to, The Communications Council, the Media Federation of Australia and the Social Media Club Sydney.

Our Philosophy

von Muenster Solicitors & Attorneys develop client relationships with mutual trust and a long term outlook. Within these relationships we achieve timely, cost effective legal and commercial services that are practical and solutions oriented.

We dedicate ourselves to intimately understanding commercial, legal and regulatory needs and challenges in our specialist industries, both nationally and internationally. We recognise the difference between the legal and commercial services required by agencies, and those required by clients.


Free Q & A Service

The von Muenster Solicitors & Attorneys legal team will discuss simple legal issues and answer questions that relate to the work our clients are performing, before a proposal moves beyond concept stage. We understand that there may not be a budget for legal services at that time.

The Q & A service allows our clients to confidently put proposals to their clients without incurring unnecessary legal costs.


Our charging philosophy

Cost transparency and perceived value are of extreme importance to von Muenster Solicitors & Attorneys, as our goal is to maintain relationships with our clients well into the future.

We understand that many of our clients are answerable to their own clients for costs. We endeavour to work within our client’s service budgets, and invite open discussion on fees and charges at the start of any legal matters.

Due to the diverse range of services we provide, and the unique requirements of each brief, it is difficult to list rates here. Before commencing services, we will provide a cost estimate. This will clearly state legal fees and third party expenses for the requested services. For larger legal projects we offer capped fee charging and/or time based charging.